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Adam gets fucked by Castro’s monster cock

Adam gets fucked by Castro's monster cock

And here he is, ready to have his ass ravaged! His name is Adam and its gonna hurt! Our new friend was very excited about the possibility of boring and deepen his asshole. It will be easier to do shit! I never heard such a noise when inserting my great hot dogs in someone’s asshole! This guy’s ass literally swelled up! Watch the video as Adam necessarily expands outlet for their shit!

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Cole gets fucked by a huge black cock

Izzy and Cole

This weeks It’s Gonna Hurt extravaganza is painful. We brought in this cat named Cole and he was fucking scared. He new we were gonna be fucking him in his asshole but he had no clue how big the piece of meat was gonna be going up there.

This shoot is pure soul crushing pain. I promise you will squirm watching Cole take Izzy’s monstrous black dick!

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Alex gets fucked by a big black cock

Its Gonna Hurt

If you love big black dick then you would love to be woken up by one being stabbed in your eye. This weeks update is classic. We actually started this shoot with Izzy slapping his massive dick off this guy Alex’s face while he was asleep. As soon as Alex woke up he was in heaven and immediately started blowing the shit out of that big chocolate stick. Alex really enjoyed himself today and we think you will too.

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Big Boys like Big Toys

It's Gonna Hurt got another asshole slaying for you all here. They brought in this big muscle head dude named Mitch to get his b-hole beat up by Izzy’s monster dick. Mitch was completely terrified when I told him we were gonna lock the door so he couldn’t run out when he got too scared or when the pain reached its ultimate high. Anyways you should go see this jacked white dude take some black dick!

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Ben tries Castro’s monsterdick

It's Gonna Hurt

When you sign up to do your first gay scene on tape you might wanna think twice. This guy Ben came to test Castro Supreme’s Dragon. For those of you who are unsure of what that it is…. It’s a big black dick that looks like a club you would use on baby seals. Unfortunately or fortunately for some of you sick fucks it’s a tool we use around here to crack assholes open. This little fucker gets split wide open with a smile on his face.

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Cute blond boy gets his ass ripped open

Lance said he likes big cocks and he was eager to meet Castro and his big fat black cock. I guess he really didn’t expect Castro’s cock to be this big. Although Lance did a great job swallowing that big schlong, he had a very hard time taking Castro’s meat up his ass.  Lance told us he had some experiences with well hung guys and he sort of bragged about how well he took all those big cocks. Well, the kid obviously hadn’t had a cock like this up his ass before, cause Castro ripped his ass open. The expression of pain and fear on Lance’s face said enough.

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