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Big dicked twunk David Brown solo

David Brown jerks his big cock

Newbie David Brown can’t seem to wipe that cocky smirk off his face. One look at hisenormous uncut cock and you’ll know why… That thing is huge!

He pulls his massive pole out of his pants and wags it at the camera with a grin before showing off his tight little asshole. He shoves a transparent butt plug in there and fucks himself real good before shooting a thick load of creamy cum all over his belly. That’ll stick to your ribs!

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Tommy works his big uncut dick

This is Tommy’s 3rd video for You Love Jack and he’s got a new look and a new attitude! He shows off his pretty big uncut cock before sliding his fingers in and out of his asshole. He shoves his ass right up in the camera lens to show off his handy work then spreads that hole wide open while he watches the action on the camera’s LCD monitor.

Before you know it his cum is flying through the air and coating his beautiful athletic body with stripe after stripe of creamy white goodness! I’m lovin’ it.

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Joey Taylor works his huge cock

Joey peels off his clothes and shows off his huge uncut cock as he teases the camera with his 19 year old sexual appetite. He’s in complete control as he positions the camera right between his legs and delivers a huge load of cum all over his knuckles then licks that mess right up!

He’s pulling off his pants as the video opens and as soon as he’s free he sits back on the couch and starts to work his already hard uncut cock through the thin fabric of his underwear. You can see the outline of his massive tool perfectly inside his pants as he gives it a good tug and grins at the camera.

As soon as he pulls that uncut monster out you notice how remarkable it is! It’s thick and 8 inches long but the real surprise is the huge curve about halfway up the shaft. It’s the kind of cock that would hit all the right places no matter where this little stud decided to shove it!

Joey looks down on the camera with a sly grin as he slowly pets his massive uncut cock and shows off it’s unique shape to the camera while gently coaxing pleasure from his tool in tiny little bits. He’s in no hurry today and he’s gonna make it last!

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Tommy Finch strokes his big tool

Tommy’s a man of few words and it suits him just fine. According to this hot little number, “Why bother talking about it when I can just show you?!”

Turns out he has a lot to show us too! Those brooding dark blue eyes… That tight athletic body and perfect 8 inch uncut cock… That smooth bubble but and puckered little hole – just begging to be fucked! Shut up and show me already!

He’s all bundled up in a knit sweater as the video begins, but in a matter of seconds he ditches the clothes and sits back down on the couch dressed only in his underwear – his boner poking at the seams. Struggling to be free.

He pushes his shorts down and pulls the camera in for a beautiful closeup of his package as he absent-mindedly tugs at his balls. Tommy’s blessed with one of the finest looking cocks this humble pornographer has ever seen. 8 straight inches of mouth-watering goodness capped off with a beautiful mushroom head – perfectly sized and begging to be sucked.

We see a lot of jack-off techniques around here and Tommy’s definitely all about his nuts. In fact, he can’t seem to keep his hands off his sack – tugging at the loose skin and stretching his nuts way out from his body before letting them snap back into place. Something tells me this one has a little kinky side down there…

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