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Julien works his big cock

Julien Cox is a gay boy with many talents. What he gets up to with other guys would certainly be the envy of many, but the things he does to satisfy his needs when he is alone is almost as creative. For stimulation aids, Julien has something for almost every body part that needs gratifying. A flesh jack for his 8 inch dick, his favorite dildo for his ass and we won’t even tell you what he’s gonna do with that banana.

But to bring it all to a climax, Julien wanted to try something new so he brought with him the latest in scientifically tested satisfaction technology, the “Rude Boy” designed specifically to hit just the right spot on a man. Watch how effective this can be.

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Cliff fucks Andrew at Video Boys

When Andrew initially contacted us about becoming a model several months ago, the first thing he asked was “Can I do a scene with Cliff?” This week we finally got around to fulfilling Andrew’s fantasy for him by getting Cliff, and his huge 9 inch dick, over for a bit of quality time up Andrew’s ass.

Our only precondition was that Andrew must indulge his every desire and Cliff must accommodate him. This is a must-see movie, so better check it out at video Boys.

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