Angelo gets his big dick sucked

Angelo at Chaosmen Edge

The guys over at Chaosmen finish off the monster cock week at Chaosmen, with big dicked Angelo. This straight dude was brave enough to take a seat in the Edge chair and let Bryan suck his big dick.

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Mico jerks his big cock

Mico strokes his big cock for Chaosmen

I thought I would start off the Chaosmen Monster Cock Week with a lean hippie-style dude. His look is not for everyone, but you gotta give the guy props, he is packing some big meat!

Mico is a bi guy, leaning more to the gay side. He does have a pretty big dick, and he finds not many guys can take it, so I think he sleeps with girls to get some penetration. I told him he isn’t looking hard enough for guys willing to take on the challenge!

His look is granola and well, like I said, hippie-style, and that is exactly who he is. Conservation, being green, organic, you name it, if it is a nature related cause, you can be sure he will be into it. So his look really matches interests.

Mico is not shy about showing off his cock either. He was hard the moment he sat down in front of the cameras, aching to pull his cock out to play with. He handles it with skill, like someone who has spent a lot of quality time with it. He showcases it nicely, so it is nice to have a solo that isn’t all motion-blur super-fast jerk-off.

Like I said, he was turned on from the get go, so getting him to nut was super easy. He is more than willing to swap oral with a dude, so stay tuned later this week to see that ginormous cock in someone’s mouth!

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Jonah fucks Teo

Jonah thought he could fuck a dude and I wanted to put him with someone with experience, and who wouldn’t be too mad at me for putting him with guy that has a dick the size and shape of a large plantain. Teo is ALWAYS awesome with the new guys, and I always need a solid performer in case the newbie has trouble.

Jonah wasn’t too sure about sucking dick, so I told him he didn’t have to, but he was only getting out of it for this one video. I sense a strong sense of bisexuality in this one, and frankly I think he needs to wake up and smell the cockee. Jonah actually has one of those long dicks that never seems to get super hard at the base, so it was challenging for him to keep his hands out of the shot, and kind of has to thumb his cock into place. Perhaps a testament to how tight Teo’s hole is!?

But it was a little frustrating to shoot. I also missed the close-up of shot of Jonah nutting. One of the few times where I thought I had all my cameras going, but seemed to have turned off an already On camera. Grrrr…

Teo said he would try a facial, but the cum went everywhere BUT on his face, but they both shot sprinkler head loads. It was nicely timed, but not very “interactive.” So these are the reasons this shoot kind of ended up on the back shelf and is making its way online for the End of Year Blow Out.

Check out Chaosmen and watch Jonah and Teo in this full length movie.

Ian gets serviced

Yes! I have found another amazing cock sucker! I was so pleased to see Elliott with Ceasar and the sensual energy that he brought to the action.

Now he is a local boy, and am I ever glad, because his first Serviced video has all the things that I look for. Though Ian has let a few mature men suck his dick, he really was fairly nervous, but acting like he wasn’t.

While editing the video, I thought he looked a little uncomfortable, but then realized he was just close to busting most of the time. Elliott does an amazing job rimming and showcasing Ian’s hole.

I even left in my “direction” to go ahead and make him bust and I think in about a minute, Ian was writhing around squirting DNA everywhere. I know this video is about Ian, but wow, Elliott has got skills!

Check out Chaosmen and watch Ian getting serviced in this full length movie.

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