MonthAugust 2008

Austin Gama Busts A Nut

We know you are going to love not only his personality, sexiness, and beautiful bod, but the way he strokes his massive man meat!

Austin is packing close to 9 inches, and he loves stroking it for us.

This guy is really sensual, and he does not hold back – great jerking off right until he finishes off with a great load of warm cum!

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Leo Giamani

Leo Giamani has recently moved from New York to LA, and for good reason… There is no way in hell a body like that should be kept hidden under so many clothes during fall, winter and spring. Now, don’t get me wrong, we do have seasons in LA but there are many more opportunities for a hunk like Leo to go shirtless all year in Southern California.

Now, back to his cock. This thing is huge. And it’s really something to see him work it with both hands. You can tell he loves jerking off because he has it down to a science. He works that slab of beef for all it’s worth, running his fingers over every inch, feeling every sensation, lightly squeezing his balls, going soft and smooth then humping his two clenched fists like a jackhammer. And when he’s getting ready to cum it’s like watching him turn into the Hulk.

 Then, the amazing bodily control from years of yoga takes over and he backs off just enough so that when he sprays his load it’s more like a sweet full body shudder rather than a harsh explosion and the look on his face is pure bliss. Believe me, this is one video you’ll be watching over and over.

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Aaron Jacobs

Aaron Jacobs is a tall thin stud with a huge cock!  Aaron just got out of the Coast Guard last February and decided to stay right here in San Diego.  He’s originally from Mississippi, and has a really heavy southern drawl that makes him even more charming. 

 But when he flashes that pearly white smile, it’s just about enough to melt your heart!  When I flipped Aaron over to check out his beautiful ass, he pushed his dick back through so far I thought he was going to push it right up his ass! 

 He said he’s actually got it to go in before, so of course I wanted him to try again, and he did!

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