Introducing PerfectGuyz Rusty Stevens – a sizzling hot guy and new sparkling star of the adult cinema.  Rusty has only recently come upon the scene but has blazed a trail with his magnificent Silver Screen appeal. Rusty is 22 years old and is an accomplished athlete evidenced by his spectacular physique.

In fact, he refers to his morning routine as a “total body workout” – training every fiber of his body. But outdoors Rusty also excels at surfing, biking and rock climbing.  Besides his stunning physical features, Rusty is charming and intelligent. Reminiscent of the classic Hollywood stars, Rusty is the type of guy who has a defined, sophisticated presence – a guy who makes himself known when he enters a room. 

 It is obvious to us that Rusty Stevens is a HOT ticket in all respects – and we will undoubtedly see a lot more of him!  Enjoy Rusty Stevens in his premier PerfectGuyz presentation.

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