MonthJanuary 2009

Tommy Finch strokes his big tool

Tommy’s a man of few words and it suits him just fine. According to this hot little number, “Why bother talking about it when I can just show you?!”

Turns out he has a lot to show us too! Those brooding dark blue eyes… That tight athletic body and perfect 8 inch uncut cock… That smooth bubble but and puckered little hole – just begging to be fucked! Shut up and show me already!

He’s all bundled up in a knit sweater as the video begins, but in a matter of seconds he ditches the clothes and sits back down on the couch dressed only in his underwear – his boner poking at the seams. Struggling to be free.

He pushes his shorts down and pulls the camera in for a beautiful closeup of his package as he absent-mindedly tugs at his balls. Tommy’s blessed with one of the finest looking cocks this humble pornographer has ever seen. 8 straight inches of mouth-watering goodness capped off with a beautiful mushroom head – perfectly sized and begging to be sucked.

We see a lot of jack-off techniques around here and Tommy’s definitely all about his nuts. In fact, he can’t seem to keep his hands off his sack – tugging at the loose skin and stretching his nuts way out from his body before letting them snap back into place. Something tells me this one has a little kinky side down there…

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Russo’s big juicy cock

Russo loves to spend hours at the gym admiring himself and the other hardbodies around him. He loves being in control but doesn’t mind being the bottom if his lover is small enough to penetrate his tender ass. His thick juicy cock swells and twitches as he fantisizes about a huge locker room orgy.

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Ryan Hall strokes his fat cock

Ryan Hall has a cute face and a lean tall body that reminds us of those basketball players we used to have crushes on…. if only they all had cocks the size of Ryan! Ryan showers off for us and plays around with the soap, his big fat dick, and his asshole in this hot video.

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