MonthAugust 2010

Adam Rogue fucks Alexander Garrett welcums Adam Rogue today: a big boy who carries an even bigger club of a cock. We’re sure our members will see just why we’re all salivating to get this piece naked and what a piece it is. Helping us welcome Mr. Rogue is Alexander Garrett, packing quite the big, uncut cock as well. These two are bound to have a good time. Adam is relaxing and flipping through a dirty magazine when he gets a knock on the door.

Alexander arrives to measure him for some alterations. He begins to take his measurements: chest, arms and biceps. As he kneels to measures for his inseam his hand lands squarely on Adam’s already swollen crotch. Alexander undoes his pants and takes out Adam’s rock hard cock. He playfully measures it before getting to work on it. He opens wide for Adam’s thick cock and sucks it down to the hilt. Adam then wants to suck some dick so Alexander gives him more than a mouthful of uncut Colombian cock to work.

They then get back to making out as they compare dicks and stroke them together. Adam then gets Alexander on the couch and puts him on all four so he can get a better appreciation of that ass he’ll soon fuck. Adam fingers that sweet ass a bit before giving it a lick or two to get it ready for more. Adam then suits up and sits back while Alexander straddles his thick meat and impales himself on it. Alexander starts to ride that meat as he bounces up and down on it. “You like that big cock?” Adam grunts while he watches Alexander go to town.

Adam then gets Alexander back on the couch and slides his thick meat back inside his hot hole doggy-style. Alexander’s tight ass is driving Adam wild as he palms Alexander’s head using it to bounce his defined frame back onto his thick dick. Adam then gets Alexander on his back and fucks his ass missionary. Alexander strokes his meat while Adam’s cock is hitting his sweet spot. As they near climax, they sit back and beat off. Alexander soon explodes all over his smooth abs just as Adam unloads all over his furry frame.


Two well hung guys fucking

Xtra Inches

The cum shots that end this scene are big, shooting loads – and when you see the footage that proceeds, it’s no wonder Rick and David come to such spurting climaxes. The action begins with a sensual shower, as the handsome European studs soap up their muscles and cocks.

Xtra Inches

Xtra Inches

The pair then moves onto a leather lounge and the sucking and penetration begins; including some interesting ass to mouth action where Rick sucks David’s cock straight after it comes out of his ass.

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Big Black Meat!

So how often is that that you find a short, sexy muscular nigga that is lost, not in New York, but Dallas, Tx. Good thing Kris Rockafella is from there and knows the area very well. Kris helps Rio back to his hotel and Rio offers him a drink. After drinking some of dat good shit, Rio feels that he needs to show his appreciation to Kris. Rio sucks Kris’ 11 inch dick and cant believe how big it is, but he clearly don’t give a fuck cause he keeps on sucking it.

Kris decides to return the favor and give Rio some head. Rio then takes it in the other room and you already know what dat mean, he finna smash that ass. Rio puts dat brick dick in Kris tight ass and breaks him off real good. Looks like Kris aint had it tapped in a while, but thas coo because Rio got some major plumbing to do. Kris plays with that big ass dick of his while Rio is fuckin the hell outta him, but shit he can concentrate on his dick cause he tryin to concentrate on the dick in his ass.

Kris then rides Rio and make him shoot a hot load of jizz all on his back and his ass. Kris enjoyed that shit so much he nutted all on Rios chest. Makes you wonder, maybe the next time u see a sexy ass nigga and he look lost yo ass betta help him find the way.

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Dillon Brooks and his 9 inch cock

Dillon is a hot young straight lad from England who tried out his first gay fuck in ‘Straight Guys Unleashed’, in which he fucks Kai! He has a huge 9 inch cock, which is nice and thick too and he seems to really know how to use it. He is strictly top – well at the moment but who knows!

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