MonthSeptember 2011

Big Boys like Big Toys

It's Gonna Hurt got another asshole slaying for you all here. They brought in this big muscle head dude named Mitch to get his b-hole beat up by Izzy’s monster dick. Mitch was completely terrified when I told him we were gonna lock the door so he couldn’t run out when he got too scared or when the pain reached its ultimate high. Anyways you should go see this jacked white dude take some black dick!

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Big dicked Joe Luv for PlayGirl

Joseph Luv naked in Play Girl

Joe Luv (a.k.a Joseph Luv) is one of the most succesful black PlayGirl models and that’s why he returns at PlayGirl again. The well hung escort from New York appeared in PlayGirl 10 years ago, but he’s back and he’s looking bigger than ever before. With his hard muscles and his enormous black cock, he is definitely PlayGirl worthy. Oh man, look at that big black cock head.

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Leo Corona fucks DJ Spins

Extra Big Dicks

This week we stocked up on as we introduce two python-packing hotties DJ Spins and Leo Corona. Leo notices a mag sticking out of DJ’s backpack. He snags what happens to be a gay mag as DJ freaks out. Leo tells him it’s fine and that he’s always wondered guys suck better dick than girls? DJ laughs as he agrees to give Leo a sample.

DJ hauls out Leo’s uncut, Czech monster. He runs his tongue along its shaft before taking almost 9″ into his mouth. Leo moans as he watches DJ work his meat. Leo stands up to give DJ easier access to all of it. DJ happily kneels before his new play buddy and goes right back to worshipping that huge cock. His attention then turns to that sweet ass as Leo bends over and gives DJ’s hot tongue access to his straight hole.

“You like that?” Leo moans. DJ rams his tongue deep inside his ass making Leo’s cock throb. Leo then gets DJ bent over the couch as he starts to slide his thick cock into DJ’s tight hole. His ass gives in and soon Leo is buried ball deep as he starts to fuck that ass. DJ’s own uncut huge cock is at attention as he gets that ass pounded. DJ whimpers unable to get enough of that straight dick inside him.

Leo then pulls out and sits back so that DJ can ride his dick. DJ gets that hot ass right back on that meat, bouncing on it like it’s a pogo stick. He grinds down on it wanting to get every delicious inch inside him. Leo then gets DJ on his side as he lies behind him and slips his meat in for more. Leo shoves that dick in and out over and over as DJ jacks his meat faster. Soon he’s ready to blow his load and as he explodes Leo shoves in deeper. Leo then lies back and makes his own thick cock unload all over his inked navel.

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