MonthOctober 2011

Hurray for big dicked amateurs!

Hung boyfriends

Boys who expose themselves on the internet. I just love them, especially when they’ve got big cocks to show off. Some of these boys probably end up naked on the internet, wihout knowing it (think revenge from ex boyfriends / girlfriends or hacked computers), but does it really matter? Wether they posted their pics on the web themselves or someone else did, I always enjoy those non-professional porn stars.

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Latino Lex and his big dick

Xtra Inches

Out by the pool, Lex reveals his very big dick he’s had hiding in his pants. The pint-sized performer will really make your jaw hit the floor when you see what he’s got to work with. Talk about big! Add this little beauty to the pile of skinny twinks with a not so skinny appendage. He could really cause some damage with that huge dick.

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Mico jerks his big cock

Mico strokes his big cock for Chaosmen

I thought I would start off the Chaosmen Monster Cock Week with a lean hippie-style dude. His look is not for everyone, but you gotta give the guy props, he is packing some big meat!

Mico is a bi guy, leaning more to the gay side. He does have a pretty big dick, and he finds not many guys can take it, so I think he sleeps with girls to get some penetration. I told him he isn’t looking hard enough for guys willing to take on the challenge!

His look is granola and well, like I said, hippie-style, and that is exactly who he is. Conservation, being green, organic, you name it, if it is a nature related cause, you can be sure he will be into it. So his look really matches interests.

Mico is not shy about showing off his cock either. He was hard the moment he sat down in front of the cameras, aching to pull his cock out to play with. He handles it with skill, like someone who has spent a lot of quality time with it. He showcases it nicely, so it is nice to have a solo that isn’t all motion-blur super-fast jerk-off.

Like I said, he was turned on from the get go, so getting him to nut was super easy. He is more than willing to swap oral with a dude, so stay tuned later this week to see that ginormous cock in someone’s mouth!

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Devin gets fucked by a huge cock

Damn That's Big

I stuffed Devin’s brown eye with my huge hard cock. I thought I felt the end of his rectum when I was in too deep. After, this sensational cock massage I blew my load all over him! I hope Devin is still able to walk after this intense fuck.

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Big dicked Jessie Alan fucks Max Gunnar

Big dicked guys at Extra Big Dicks

We have a meat overload this week on as we welcome back extra hung Jessie Alan and his flavor of the week Max Gunnar. No time’s wasted as they start to make out even before we start filming. Max kisses his way south along Jessie’s inked torso until he reaches the obvious tent in those jeans. Once they come off he goes down on that thick uncut cock.

“Like that dick?” Jessie moans as he watches Max bob on his dick. Jessie writhes with pleasure as he gets his dick worked. Max then stands and gives Jessie some dick to work on as well. Jessie gets on his knees and returns the favor as Max holds his head and fucks his face. Max loves the attention but he isn’t done working Jessie’s cock as they move back over to the couch so that Max can keep working on Jessie’s massive python which he now deep throats with ease.

Jessie then bends Max over and spreads his smooth ass open going in tongue first as he preps that hole for his fat dick. Jessie laps away at that pink ! hole sliding his finger into it. Jessie suits up and sits back as he watches Max sit on his cock. He rides that dick in a reverse cowgirl as Jessie slams that meat up into his hole.

Max then goes right back to bouncing on that thick cock. Then they switch it up as Jessie bends Max over and fucks him doggy style. His heavy balls slap away at that tight ass as Max grimaces taking one hell of a pounding. From there they end up back on the couch with Max’ legs in the air and Jessie buried deep inside him.

Jessie slowly fucks that tight ass burying his dick deeper as it gets Max closer to the edge. He finally explodes all over himself as Jessie continues to pound him fuckin’ him even harder once he starts to nut. Jessie then pulls out and shoots his thick load all over Max’ face and open mouth. He slowly rubs his spent cock all over Max’ cum soaked face and lips.

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Barrett Long fucks Roman Ragazzi

Barrett Long at Rear Stable

Is it any wonder the boys go wild for Roman Ragazzi? Just check out those gigantic rippling muscles and perfect amount of dark chest hair. If it was possible to find his match, it would be his partner in this film, Barrett Long. His massive uncut cock and low-hangers have to be seen to be believed. Seeing Roman take all of it up his hole is almost as hot as the seemingly unending cum spray that Barret produces when he finishes up.

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