MonthJanuary 2012

John Magnum fucks Bryce Star

John Magnum fucks Bryce Star

John Magnum is a dick, a locker room jock bully who constantly finds a way to screw with Bryce Star. Finally after enough abuse Bryce snaps and comes up with a devious plan to get some payback – Bryce’s plan works, knocking out John cold! As it turns out John just really wanted to fuck Bryce but was unable to emotionally communicate his pent-up jock feelings!

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Alexander Greene fucks Valentin Petrov

Alexander Greene tops Valentin Petrov

Two titans of cock shall meet this week on Extra Big Dicks as we bring together Alexander Greene and Valentin Petrov. Alexander is complaining to Valentin that the construction upstairs kept him “up” all night long and he didn’t even have anyone to play with. Valentin notices the bulge in Alexander’s pants and moves in to help. They start to make out a bit before Alexander stands to give Valentin better access to the heavy machinery.

Valentin’s pleasantly surprised as he hauls out Alexander’s massive uncut cock. He opens wide and starts to suck on that cock as he runs his tongue along Alexander’s fat shaft and balls. Alexander moans as he watches his big dick disappear into his bud’s mouth. Valentin’s cock is about as thick as Alexander’s 8.5″ cock but a bit longer at 9 rock solid inches. Alexander gets in position as he starts to return the favor.

He sucks on Valentin’s fat dick as Valentin strokes his hair and moans in appreciation. Then Alexander sits back on the chair and watches his fat dick disappear into Valentin’s hot ass. Valentin starts to ride that meat like a pro as he bounces up and down on that rod. Alexander reaches around and strokes Valentin’s fat cock as he rides him faster and harder.

Alexander then gets Valentin to bend over and touch his toes as he slides his fat dick in for more.Valentin braces himself on his finger tips as he gets that ass railed hard. Alexander then gets on his back on the floor as Valentin straddles his dick and goes back to riding him. Alexander helps bounce him on that meat as they both get closer and closer to climax.

Alexander’s thick cock is hitting Valentin’s prostate just right and as Alexander pounds that dick up into him it sends him over the edge. He shoots his load all over Alexander’s smooth chest. Alexander then jerks his own aching cock off as he plays with Valentin’s shooting his huge load all over his cum covered abs.

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AJ Monroe & Devin Adams flip flop

Devin Adams and AJ Monroe flip flop

AJ Monroe is due to get his student physical today with Devin Adams at the school hospital. The physical is completely voluntary and is designed to help the medical students train, but it pays a little money as well, something that AJ could use. Devin is enjoying inspecting AJ’s body so much that he offers AJ a little extra money to examine his prostate…

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Tommy Defendi fucks Devon Moss

Tommy Defendi fucks Devon Moss

We have a larger-than-life edition of Extra Big Dicks as welcome back Tommy Defendi and with him is big dicked cutie Devon Moss! Tommy starts rubbing Devon’s foot as he breaks the ice. As he massages his foot, Devon begins to rub his foot on Tommy’s growing cock. They begin to kiss as they lie back on the bed. The jeans come off next as they are left in their underwear. It isn’t in there for long as he hauls it out and engulfs it.

Tommy can only moan while Devon’s head bobs on his meat. Tommy wants some too and he gets between Devon’s thighs for some cock of his own. Devon’s massive uncut meat is rock hard in seconds as Tommy worships his 10 inch rod. Devon’s cock is massive, not only in length but incredibly thick as well. They get into a hot 69 so that each has access to all the cock they want.

Devon and Tommy savor every inch of their meat as they slowly enjoy their oral session. Moving on to some heavier action, eyebrows furled Devon winces as Tommy slides his thick cock deep! inside him. Devon does his best to relax as Tommy continues to take his ass. Tommy looks down and watches as his massive meat disappears into Devon.

“You’re so fucking big!” Devon grunts as he gets his ass stretched. “Spank my ass” Devon grunts between moans as Tommy keeps impaling him. Tommy then lies back on the bed as Devon climbs aboard for more. He impales his sweet ass on Tommy’s cock and starts to ride. Tommy is soon thrusting his hips up into Devon wanting to get his fat dick deeper inside him.

Missionary is next as Tommy slides his cock back in for more. Devon’s whimpers get louder as Tommy fucks him harder and deeper, his fat cock easily claiming its prize. Devon won’t be able to handle much more of this before his cock explodes. He pulls out and sits next to Devon as they both jack off. Tommy is the first to nut exploding as his load skyrockets all over him. Devon follows suit as his beer can thick dick unloads its own creamy cargo.

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Spencer Fox and Lucas Young

Big dicked jocks Lucas Young and Spencer Fox

Spencer Fox and Lucas Young are two huge-cocked, and hard-bodied studs making out. After they clang their big “swords” together for a moment, Spencer quickly gets down on his knees to service Lucas’s meat. Swallowing and gulping down every inch, Spencer strokes his dick as Lucas force-feeds him his.

Shoving his balls in Spencer’s mouth, Lucas pulls them out and then pushes his uncut cock deep down Spencer’s throat. Lucas grabs onto Spencer’s head and pulls hard forcing every inch down his throat. Lucas sits back on a chair to work on Spencer’s whopper, stroking away at his cock as he takes all of Spencer’s manhood in his mouth and throat.

Tugging on Spencer’s balls as he swallows his cock, Lucas urges Spencer to put a leg up on the back of the chair so he can fuck his mouth. Spencer’s exposed hole is inviting, but Lucas goes to town on his cock and lets Spencer fuck his mouth hard. After pounding deep into Lucas’s throat, Spencer gets so worked up that he jerks off and sprays a load into Lucas’s mouth and Lucas squeezes out a load onto his stomach.

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Drew Brody stretches Ben Collins’ ass

Drew Brody stretches Ben Collins' ass

Beefy rugby lad Drew Brody has the biggest and thickest cock Ive ever seen on Hard Brit Lads. His monster cock is 10 uncut inches long and wrist thick. Ben Collins is the brave lad who takes it on his massive meat, having his throat fucked and his mouth and arse severely stretched in various positions. This is one sensational and unmissable scene for sure!

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