MonthFebruary 2012

Fausto strokes his big uncut cock

Fausto jerks his big uncut cock

Fausto is a 22 year old guy from Oxaca, Mexico. He is a bi-top and has a very tasty big uncut cock. His cock is a little above 8 inches and is nicely curved. I bet he hits all the right places with that big piece of latino meat. Fausto’s biggest turn on, is to get licked from head to toes. Well, lay down and let me start!!

In his solo video for LatinBoyz, Fausto plays with his foreskin, shows off his delicious ass, jerks off and shoots a big load!

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Lawson Kane strokes his 8.5 inch uncut cock

Lawson Kane strokes hig big uncut cock for Xtra Inches

Who could resist some alone time with Lawson Kane? A well hung top who usually isn’t to be seen without a hungry bottom boy, here’s your chance to catch him on his lonesome. The 8.5 inch chocolate cock of Lawson Kane isn’t something to be scoffed at. That big uncut cock could do some serious damage if you weren’t careful. But there’s still plenty willing to tempt the beast and jump on for a ride.

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Big dicked Brenn Wyson fucks Dean Tucker

Well hung Brenn Wyson fucks Dean Tucker

Taking a clue from the periodic table to guarantee a chemical reaction, Extra Big Dicks this week’s unveils their most explosive tag team radio-active fuckers in the bodies of 37 year old, handsome, chiseled Brenn Weisman and 32 year old, fur covered Dean Tucker. They asked Brenn if everyone can take the kind of fucking he likes to give to which he replies, “I don’t ask ‘Can you take it’ – I just give it!” and does he ever.

Soon Dean is swallowing more meat, Brenn bends forward and starts to roughly finger that ass he will soon own. Brenn spins him around and gets him in position as they begin to dry hump with Dean grinding his hairy ass back onto Brenn’s big rock hard cock. Brenn pulls him up into a doggie position and gets rough on Dean who gets totally into it, pounding the couch with his fists as he gets his asshole rammed deep.

“Tear that hole up!” Dean begs as Brenn obliges. Brenn pulls him up into a doggie position and gets rough on Dean who gets totally into it, pounding the couch with his fists as he gets his asshole rammed deep. “Tear that hole up!” Dean begs as Brenn obliges. Once he’s bust his nut, poor Dean gets bent over gets his sore hole jack-hammered by one horny Brenn who pulls out and busts his nut all over his latest conquest.

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Interracial Flip Flop fuck

Sean Xavier and Alex Andrews flip flop

Another Lucas Entertainment exclusive follows up with the second interview, Sean Xavier, and he’s paired with hot guy Alex Andrews, a skater dude with a tight body and cute face made for gay porn. The boys spend some time talking and getting to know one another with Michael guiding the discussion before the scene heats up.

Sean and Alex have chemistry from the beginning, and it’s obvious from how hard they go after each other by kissing and groping each other’s bodies. These hot guys are young and ready to fuck. After their clothes are off, Alex is excited to see what he can do with Sean’s cock, so he opens wide and starts sucking on Sean, who is endowed with a mammoth cock.

Sean and Alex flip their positions around, but he can’t keep his hands or mouth off of Sean’s big black dick until he turns him around and start playing with his ass, getting him ready for a fucking. Sean eases his big dick into Alex slowly so he can take it, but once he’s all the way in he rams Alex’s tight ass hard in the doggy-style position.

But it couldn’t be hotter when Sean flips over onto his back with Alex still on his back, and with Alex’s back on Sean’s stomach, the blond bottom is suspended over the back top for some unforgettable thrusts! But in a wild change of pace, Alex gets Sean on his back, rolls on a condom, and sticks his own uncut cock in Sean’s ass, mounting and fucking him rigorously until they both blow their loads of cum!

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Well hung Drew Brody fucks Tony Axel

Drew Brody fucks Tony Axel

Well hung stud Drew Brody and hot muscle jock Tony Axel have an insanely horny session. Tony gets his mouth and arse severely stretched wide by Drews beercan thick monster meat, gets his face fucked then takes an intense deep pounding in several positions. Tony redefines the phrase Power Bottom, as you very rarely see a cock this huge pounding this hard. Unmissable.

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Well hung Mario Costa & big dicked Chris Cox

Mario Costa fucks Chris Cox

This week on Extra Big Dicks we get to revisit the epic classic ‘Clash of the Titans’; though it won’t be the one you’re thinking of. Joinging us a massive hung Mario Costa and Chris Cox! “You know I’ve always wanted to work with you’ Chris blushes ‘I hear you have a really big dick.” Mario grins as he sits back and lets Chris figure that out.

Chris gropes Mario’s growing boner as Mario stands to give him better access. Chris pulls off Mario’s jeans and frees his massive meat. He strokes it a bit before finally getting that dick in his mouth. Dreams really do cum true. He swirls his fist on Mario’s python as he runs his tongue along the shaft as well as Mario’s smooth nuts. Mario watches as Chris worships his meat. Mario then joins Chris on the floor where they make out some more.

Mario strips Chris to give him some of the same. Chris moans as he gets that dick sucked by Mario who’s still stroking his own meat. There’s plenty of dick for everyone so they capitalize on that ! by getting into a steamy 69 where they can have all the meat they can savor. Mario then bends Chris over and gets a taste of that smooth hole. Eating ass has Mario’s own meat throbbing and he’s about to do something about it.

Mario sits back as Chris sits on his huge dick. Chris was definitely looking forward to working with Mario; cuz his tight ass swallowed that mammoth dick like it was made for it. Chris can’t get enough as he grinds his ass on that dick. Chris then twirls around and takes more dick in a reverse cowgirl. Chris leans back and braces himself on the couch as he continues to ride that hard dick hitting his spot just right.

They transition onto their sides as Chris keeps riding that dick for all it’s worth. Mario lays there, watching as Chris gets the fucking he’s always wanted. Chris can’t hold off anymore and shoots a huge load all over himself with Mario still inside him. Mario then sits back and quietly gives his dick the release it needed, shooting all ! over his smooth navel.

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