MonthMarch 2012

Sean Lawrence fucks Valentin Petrov

Sean Lawrence fucks Valentin Petrov

Valentin Petrov and Sean Lawrence both sport horse dicks and Valentin can’t wait to get Sean’s hefty black stick down his gullet. Soon it’s Sean deepthroating his buddy’s big uncut meat pole, exciting both of them so much that they begin to fuck. Positioned behind, Sean plugs Valentin’s asshole with his thunder stick and thrusts in and out with fervor.

Their bodies glisten with sweat as they continue fucking with Valentin now down on his back. The white Russian jacks himself off and cums while his studly black soldier screws him until he finally pulls out and creams him.

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Big dicked Girth Brooks fucks Tanner Wayne

Girth Brooks fucks Tanner Wayne

We have a special episode today as we welcome back Girth Brooks to Extra Big Dicks and joinging him is new addition Tanner Wayne.

As we begin we have Girth standing as he gropes his growing crotch. His hands run under his tee as he feels his hairy pecs and abs. His shirt comes off and hits the couch as he continues his sexy strip tease. He undoes he belt and shoves his hand in his pants to accommodate his fat cock that by now is growing by the second.

He pushes his jeans down and starts to tug on his cock through his boxers. The outline of his massive cock strains against the cotton longing to be released. (Enter Tanner: stage right) “Get your fuckin hand on my cock” moans Girth as Tanner kneels and starts to grope his cock and rubs his face all over it.

Tanner soon pulls that underwear down to get at the real deal; opens wide and takes that fucking dick. “Lick my balls you dirty fuckin whore” Girth grunts as Tanner does as he’s told. “Stick your tongue out’ Girth orders, slapping his cock on his tongue before turning around to give him something else he could lick, ‘fuck yeah get that ass you dirty whore” Tanner eats that ass out shoving that tongue deep inside.

Girth can’t wait any longer and pulls Tanner to his feet before shoving him against the wall and ripping off his tee. He manhandles Tanner as Girth climbs on a chair and has Tanner get under him so he can keep licking his hole. Girth then sits on the floor and orders Tanner to drop his pants and sit on his fat dick. Tanner is rock hard as he rides Girth’s cock. Girth then gets Tanner and bends him over as he slides inside him andtakes that sweet ass doggy style. “Take all that fuckin dick, filthy whore.”

Pile driver is next as Girth gets Tanner on the floor and hoists his legs up over his headgiving up that sweet ass for more pounding. Girth slams inside and starts to do squats into that ass and it sends them both over the edge. Girth pulls out and sprays all over Tanner who joins! him in covering his chest abs with thick load. As soon as Girth is done, he bounces leaving Tanner on the floor in a puddle of cum, saying those three little words …”Girth, Call me!”

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Big dicked Epic fucks Casey’s straight hole

Epic Novell fucks Casey Monroe

Epic Novell joins us this week on Extra Big Dicks and we have a treat for him as we welcome hottie Casey Monroe. We won’t have to worry about chemistry between these two as they sit next to each other on the couch with their hands already roaming by the time we start. Casey undoes Epic’s jeans and goes for that cock. “Yeah suck that dick” Epic moans.

Epic gets his knob polished as Casey’s spit coats his meat. Casey then stands and offers up his own thick cock to Epic. Epic grabs it, pushes back his foreskin and gets busy returning the favor. Casey grabs a fistful of Epic’s hair and uses it to bob Casey’s hot mouth up and down on his raging boner. Epic takes his time and laps that thick dick all over pleasing his new buddy anyway he can.

Casey then gets back to working on Epic’s getting it ready for more. Casey gets up on the chair and spreads those legs setting that alabaster ass on display. Epic aims his raging hard on south. Casey moans and whim!pers as he gives up that hot ass. He gasps for air as he gets his straight hole fucked. “Fuck me Daddy” he moans.

Epic then bends Casey over the chair into a doggy position. Watching Epic’s cock disappear into Casey’s hole never gets easier as Casey’s hetero hole resists it’s intruder every thrust of the way. They then switch places and Casey takes control. He sits on that meat in a reverse cowgirl and he’s home. “Yeah, you’re MY bitch now, just take it!” he grunts.

This does the trick as Casey blows a huge wad way in the air with Epic still buried in him. Epic soon blasts his sending it all  Casey’s body. Who knew?-somebody ordered Fireworks!

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