MonthSeptember 2012

Big dicked top Alexander fucks Hunter

Alexander Greene fucks Hunter Van Heise

We are all about going Alexander here at Extra Big Dicks; so it’s always our pleasure to have Alexander Greene with us. The only guy luckier than our members this week will be newcomer Hunter Van Heise. Alexander is cruising on his phone when he invites a hottie over. There’s a knock on the door and its Hunter looking hotter in person than he did in his pics.

They start to make out the moment Hunter enters the door and it isn’t long before Alexander nudges Hunter south to get a better view of the growing situation. Hunter is on his knees as he undoes Alexander’s jeans and frees his massive cock. He opens as wide as he can and goes for it. Alexander moans as he slaps his fat cock on Hunter’s face a bit before sliding it deep into his throat.

He fucks that pretty face as his balls slap at Hunter’s chin. Alexander then pulls him up onto his feet as they get back to making out. It’s Alexander’s turn as he strips Hunter’s shorts off to find a pretty impressive party club waiting for him. Alexander takes Hunter’s thick dick deep into his throat as Hunter just moans his appreciation. Alexander works that cock and his tongue runs south to his nuts than finds something else to explore, that hot ass.

Hunter whimpers as he gets that ass eaten out and fingered. It just makes him that much hornier as Alexander preps that ass for that dick he wants to put in it. Alexander gets Hunter bent over and slides his fat uncut cock in doggy style. Hunter tries his best to accommodate that monster cock as Alexander picks up the pace. That sweet ass gives it up as Alexander just buries his meat inside.

Alexander has the best seat in the house as he spreads Hunter’s hot ass open and watches his fat cock just disappear as Hunter bucks up and down on it. Missionary is next as Alexander puts Hunter on his back for more. He holds his legs up as he slides that dick in. That monster cock’s hitting Hunter in all the right places and it makes him cum as Alexander pounds h!im. Alexander isn’t far behind as he pulls out and shoots his massive load all over one cum-soaked Hunter.

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Big dicked Jordan Fox fucks Freddie White

Big dicked Jordan Fox fucks Freddie White

An awesome pairing here, with aggressive power top Jordan Fox pushing hung youngFreddie White to his limits, Jordan is rough and dominant with him, stretching his mouth and arse wide with his extra thick dick. Great chemistry, with lots of intense action, and a very strong scene.

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Big dicked Darius fucks bottom boy Matthew

Darius Suave fucks Matthew King

Darius Suave is 20 years old and this hung hottie left many mouths watering after appearing on Extra Big Dicks last week. We invited Matthew King along to see if he was up for the challenge of the oversized Hawaiïan cock. Darius hauls out his dick. “That’s a big dick!” Matthew grins as he lands on his knees in front of it. Darius just grins as Matthew uses his hand and his mouth to service all 8½ inches.

Darius is pleasantly surprised with Matthew’s oral skills as he worships his big dick and smooth balls. Matthew is naked by now and we get our first view of his stellar ass. His ass is amazing, perfectly smooth and round, the only thing missing is… a tongue or fat cock buried inside it and that’s about to be taken care of.

Darius reaches over and starts to play with Matthew’s hole as he squirms with anticipation. Darius holds Matthew by the waist as he slows it down and starts to pull his fat cock almost out of his ass before shoving it right back in.

He grinds his hot hole down on that thick shaft as it stretches his hole even wider. This one brings them both home, as Darius’ cock hits Matthew’s sweet spot, making him cum all over himself. Darius isn’t far behind as he pulls out and unloads all over Matthew’s cum drenched abs.

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