MonthJanuary 2013

Kane and his massive uncut cock

Kane wakeman at Bentley Race

Check out my new mate Kane Wakeman. I met up with Kane on our last day while on vacation in Berlin. Visiting from Bulgaria, Kane had heard through one of his mates that we were in town and looking for guys to model on the site. I had almost packed up for the day when Kane turned up. I was waiting outside the apartment and wasn’t sure what he looked like.  And even when he walked passed me to the door buzzer I wasn’t sure.

But he recognized me and whispered to me “I’m big cock”.  Of course being Berlin, this could have just been some guying on the street trying to pick me up. But I could tell he was my next model. Kane and I ended up having a really fun afternoon. My other mates had gone out so we had the apartment to ourselves.

Like most guys on the site Kane had never done nude modelling before. But he sent me pics of his massive uncut cock earlier in the day and I wanted to see it in real life. Kane is totally cocky and had some fun teasing me with the monster in his pants. I took a tonne of photos of him in his socks and undies.

And eventually he jumped up on the kitchen table to really give me a nice showing of his super fat cock. 23 year old Kane is our latest bisexual mate to feature on BentleyRace. He tells me he has a girlfriend back home, but describes himself as bisexual. Apart from the rocket between his legs Kane is pretty dam cute too. Wait till he flashes that cheeky smile your way.

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El Maximus jerks his big uncut dick

El Maximus jerks his big cock

To kick off the New Year we’ve got a huge surprise for you. Chicago born hottie, El Maximus, is here to make the Windy City proud. El Maximus is in the kitchen talking to his girl on the phone. She’s away and he’s missing her. The sound of her voice gets his dick stirring as he slides his hand into his pants to get some relief.

He peels off his tee, showing off his smooth, defined chest and abs. His skin, a cinnamon toned canvas, ripples atop his naturally toned frame. As he drops his jeans you can’t help but see the outline of the python he’s packing as it snakes down the side of his tight boxer briefs. He pulls the head of his uncut cock out the side of his boxers as it throbs in his hand. He loses the boxers as his massive cock flops out.

He has a thick uncut cock that he keeps trimmed and tidy. It seems to grow by the second as he strokes his meat. His smooth low hangers bounce in tune to the rhythm above. El Maximus then sits up on the counter and strokes that dick giving it the attention it needs. He runs his hand along his chest and nipples as he works that foreskin over his wet knob.

He knows just what to do to make that dick throb as he slaps it against his thigh. An overhead shot gives us a great view of that uncut masterpiece as he slowly double-fists it so that it just makes those balls work harder. All that stimulating is gonna make for one delicious mess and he knows it. He holds that cock tight at the base as he picks upt he pace and speeds it up.

Lying back on the counter top he surrenders to his desire as he jacks that dick off using his foreskin to tease the underside of his head. That does the trick and as he speeds up working the head with his fingers and foreskin he grunts as his thick load pumps out load after load all over his smooth abs.

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