Igor Silva and Levi Junior tag-team and double-penetrate Lex Vargas

Lex Vargas takes 2 huge cocks

Igor Silva and Levi Junior fuck Lex Vargas

Power bottom Lex Vargas is back on Timtales with a splash! That insanely gorgeous Latino power bottom is fulfilling his biggest fantasy: getting fucked by two massive cocks, in a sunny pool. Ain’t that the highest level of sensuality?

Lex gives his raw hole to two of the hottest guys from Brazil. Levi Junior and Igor Silva are two tops with marvelous big cocks. And they sure know how to use their tool to the fullest. Watch Lex Vargas go loco for those meaty dicks.

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Italo Andrade takes Rhyheim Shabazz’ huge cock

Rhyheim Shabazz fucks Italo Andrade

Rhyheim Shabazz fucks Italo with his thick 9 inch cock

Hung and dominant top Rhyheim Shabazz is back at TimTales! He feeds his thick 12-inch cock to Latin bottom Italo Andrade.

The submissive bottom boy wants nothing more than Rhyheim’s huge dick filling up his holes.

He chokes on that big black cock as he tries to swallow the whole thing. Rhyheim holds his head and forces the boy to take his dick deeper.

He fucks Italo’s throat some before and then thrusts his monster cock deep into his hungry ass hole.

Rhyheim shows Italo who is the boss as he uses his dominance, his strength and his throbbing cock to put the bottom exactly where he wants him.

Italo can’t get enough of that BBC pumping into his bare hole. He lets the dom top fuck him in whichever way he wants.

Eventually, Rhyheim Shabazz pulls out and shoots a load of cum all over Italo’s ass. He then uses his cock to fuck that fresh load into the boy’s freshly-fucked hole.

Watch Rhyheim Shabazz fuck Italo Andrade at TimTales


Jo Jo jerks his thick uncut cock for Latin Boyz

Jo Jo jerks his uncut cock

Jo Jo is a hot straight Latino with a big uncut cock. A couple of months ago he did a video for Latin Boyz and members have been asking for his return. He’s finally here to jerk off his big uncut dick. It’s not only big, it’s thick, too, and wrapped in delicious Latino foreskin.

He is a native of Los Angeles, CA and as you can see he keeps himself in great shape going to the gym 5 times a week where he admitted he does more than just work out. Now that he’s turned 21 he enjoys going to the clubs and dancing with no shirt on

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Liam Harkmoore takes Trenton Ducati’s big cock

Trenton Ducati fucks Liam Harmoore at Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks has been waiting long and hard for the likes of Trenton Ducati and lucky for him we have big dicked Liam Harkmoore who is ready to be fucked and willing to be pounded. Trenton starts off in the shower cleaning his gorgeous ripped body. He rubs the soap up and down all over his smooth chest and legs getting it all lathered up.

While he’s rubbing down his own body Liam hears that Mister Ducati is waiting for him in the shower. Not taking one more moment longer Liam walks right in, ready to service this tall sexy hunk of a man. These two horn dogs frolic in the shower for a bit getting accustomed and loosened up by each other. Once they get to the bedroom it’s 3 fingers deep in Liam’s eager hole. Trenton gets his hole ready for a nice deep pounding just the way he wants it.

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Ryan Keene and Chris Cox share their big cocks in a flip fuck

Ryane Keene and Chris Cox share their big cocks with each other

Chris Cox is finally back on Extra Big Dicks. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this 27 year old Cuban hunk. Chris’ playmate this week goes by the name of Ryan King. There’s a box of Magnum XL on the end table and Ryan wonders why the hell anyone would need a magnum XL when the Magnum’s fit him just fine. Chris laughs and tells him he has a really big dick. So, they decide to compare as they strip off their clothes and start getting their cocks hard.

Ryan starts jacking his growing cock as his huge set of low hangers bounce up and down. “Dang, you got me beat!” he awes as Chris’ cock just gets bigger and bigger. Soon they’re both hard and stroking each other’s dicks. Chris can’t help but wonder what this str8 boy’s dick tastes like as he goes down to find out. He swallows Ryan’s meat with ease as Ryan gasps and moans in appreciation.

Ryan bobs Chris’ head on that hard cock, finally getting the attention it needed. Chris then gets up and lies back on the chaise and poin ts his fat cock at Ryan. Ryan gets on his knees ans opens wide, “Damn, I didn’t know they came in this size” he says before going down on Chris’ hard dick.

Chris just watches as Ryan does his best to accommodate every inch he can in that mouth of his. Ryan’s already in position between Chris’ legs so he decides he might as well get some ass on his dick. He picks up Chris’ leg and slides that dick inside that ass. Chris moans and begs for it as Ryan starts to fuck his tight ass. He pounds that ass missionary for a while before they switch it up. Chris bends Ryan over and fingers that ass a bit before sliding his Cuban cock inside that ass.

Ryan moans as his ass slowly concedes and takes that dick deep. Chris fucks him doggy as his balls slap away at that straight ass. Chris then gets Ryan on his back and gives it to him missionary. This gets that dick even deeper inside that ass. It’s hitting Ryan’s prostate and it isn’t long before that cock blows its thick wad all over Ryan’s s mooth navel. Chris isn’t far behind as he pulls out and shoots his own batch of leche all over an already glazed Ryan.

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Who’s the guy with this massive cock?

Guy with a massive cock

I was just going through my favorite Tumblr blogs and my jaw dropped when I saw this photo on the Queer Fever Tumblr. This guy got a very impressive and muscular body and that delicious cock is massive! Does anyone know who is the guy in this picture? It’s probably an amateur… but I hope to find more of him.

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