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Luke Hass pounds Marc Dylan

Luke Hass fucks Marc Dylan

Marc Dylan is one of my favorite bottoms and I was excited to see he plays in the latest Damn That’s Big episode. He’s pretty hot and I love how active he is as a bottom. In this video, Marc gets his ass fucked by the well hung Luke Hass. Now Marc is used to Luke’s big cock, cause the two studs have done a video together before for Office Cock, and you can tell from his facial expressions that he’s happy to see Luke’s big tool again.

The video starts with some cock play and worship, then Marc uses his warm mouth to work on Luke’s big cock. It doesn’t take long before Luke is rock hard and ready to pump Marc’s ass. He fucks that ass in many positions and while in pain, Marc can’t get enough of that big cock. The video ends with a massive cum explosion, as both of them shoot a big load of cum!

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Well hung amateurs!

Hung BFS

While surfing the web and browsing our favorite amateur sites, we found this well hung amateur who shows off his big uncut cock. That’s how we like them: cute face and big cock! If you’re into amateurs, you should check out Hung BFs – a site loaded with hot amateur guys with big cocks!

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Joe Parker fucks Dalton Tyler

Extra Big Dicks

Two new faces grace ExtraBigDicks.com this week as we welcome hung, hottie Joe Parker and his buddy Dalton Tyler. Joe is complaining about how hot he is and that the heat is just killing him. He is so hot he peels off his tee shirt and once he does, Dalton has to agree he is hot. He leans in for a kiss as they start to make out. Dalton helps Joe out of his jeans and starts to tease the growing cock in the sexy briefs.

He pulls them off and goes to work on Joe’s throbbing cock. “You like that?” he coos as he looks up at Joe. Joe then sits back so that Dalton can continue to worship his meat. Dalton shoves that thick cock as far down his throat as he can as Joe just sits back and enjoys the view. Joe’s cock is raging and needs more than Dalton’s hot mouth. They lay on the couch and Dalton backs that ass up onto Joe’s hard cock.

Joe slides his thick meat all the way inside and starts fucking that tight ass. He holds Dalton’s leg up and starts to grind that cock in deeper. Joe t hen gets Dalton on the floor on all four as he goes back to fucking that ass doggy style. He holds Dalton by the waist and gets busy impaling him with his meat. They then go back to the couch as Dalton sits on that dick and leans back against Joe’s chest.

Joe slams his dick up into that hot hole over and over. That tight ass sends Joe over the edge as Dalton gets off him so he can bust his nut all over his defined abs. Dalton then sits back next to Joe, closes his eyes and jacks his dick off trying to bust a nut. Joe, having already handled his business, sneaks off leaving Dalton jerking off with his eyes closed. …um, rude!

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Ricky Dicardo fucks Alexander Greene

Extra Big Dicks trial membership

This week we have an extra big surprise for you here on ExtraBigDicks.com. To help us out with that is Jersey’s own Alexander Greene. Alexander is 20 and being that this hung fan favorite is from Jersey, we thought he’d be perfect to help us welcome the newbie from the Big Apple, NYC. We actually had “10” good reasons why- but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Ricky is kickin’ back with Alexander complaining about guys always blowing up his cell with offers to suck his dick cuz “guys do it better”. Alexander grins and assures him it’s true. “How would you know?’ Ricky asks ‘can you prove it?” Alexander doesn’t need to be told twice as he reaches for Ricky’s growing crotch. He plays with Ricky’s growing bone through his loose fitting boxers that can barely contain his junk.

He hauls out Ricky’s half hard cock and huge balls. He can’t hold off any longer and goes for it sucking as much of it as he can. Ricky then gets up to give Alexander more dick as he starts to fuck that! mouth of his owning up to the fact that Alexander might’ve been right after all. Ricky then gets Alexander on his feet and helps him out of his pants and gets a closer look at Alexander’s 9″ cock.

He licks it; rubs his face with it and teases Alexander as he jerks his thick dick. Knowing this is out of his comfort zone, Alexander gets him back on the couch to get more of Ricky’s dick in his mouth. He sucks on it some more wanting to get it as hard as he can. Once Ricky’s rock hard, Alexander slides a rubber on him and sits on his fat meat. Alexander is rock hard as he takes all 10 inches deep; riding that cock like a champ.

Their massive balls slap together as Alexander rides that dick reverse Alexander grunts as Ricky pounds his tight ass harder and soon they end up back on the couch where Ricky lays behind Alexander and fucks him from behind.

Ricky’s cock pistoning into Alexander’s tight ass is only getting them both closer to cumming. Alexander jacks his meat furiously as Ricky fucks the cum out of him. Ricky then pulls his massive dick out and unloads all over Alexander’s chest.

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Hurray for big dicked amateurs!

Hung boyfriends

Boys who expose themselves on the internet. I just love them, especially when they’ve got big cocks to show off. Some of these boys probably end up naked on the internet, wihout knowing it (think revenge from ex boyfriends / girlfriends or hacked computers), but does it really matter? Wether they posted their pics on the web themselves or someone else did, I always enjoy those non-professional porn stars.

If you’re a fan of amateur boys with big cocks, then you should check out Hung BFs. They have a huge collection of amateur pics and videos and you won’t find any small dicks inside. They offer a one dollar trial membership, so you can check them out for just a small fee.

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Devin gets fucked by a huge cock

Damn That's Big

I stuffed Devin’s brown eye with my huge hard cock. I thought I felt the end of his rectum when I was in too deep. After, this sensational cock massage I blew my load all over him! I hope Devin is still able to walk after this intense fuck.

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